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New board member for BOOKBRIDGE Mongolia

Aktualisiert: 18. Aug 2020

The board of Nomiin Guur, our BOOKBRIDGE NGO in Mongolia, has a new board member. Burenjargal Agvaanchultem will oversee our country organization’s activities and strategy. We are happy to present her to you with this interview!

Burnee, welcome to BOOKBRIDGE! Why did you join our board?

5 years ago, I met with Amar and board member Tsolmon. They introduced me to BOOKBRIDGE’s activites, values and goals which I strongly support. For years, I have been actively following your activities through your newsletter and social channels. I feel proud of the social entrepreneurs for what they are doing!

I continue to reflect on myself, what is important in my life, and what produces good experiences and a positive state of mind? If I have a chance, I really want to help someone to teach something. If I teach and support someone, I will always be happy and positive.

What is your background?

I’m a journalist and education management manager. My dissertation focused on parents and community education and life-long learning, topics I continue to work on by developing guidebooks and doing research.

I have worked in the Mongolian education sector for some 20 years including five years with the Open Society Foundation and 15 years with the Mongolian Education Alliance Non Government Organization.

Besides public relations and publication manager my roles have included the Open School newspaper chief editor, human resource manager and national and master trainer.

Our Mongolian social entrepreneurs. Burnee is the 2nd from left in the first row.

You have a long history of working in the NGO sector...

Yes, I am really proud of working for NGOs! I have learnt and experienced a great deal during the last years. My highlights were publishing 250 issues of the Open School newspaper and developing 18 guidebooks and training modules.

Working with colleagues we implemented about 26 different projects, mostly targeted at helping teachers, students and parents at secondary schools in Mongolia. I also had the opportunity to organize national and international conferences and other activities with the Ministry of Education and international organizations.

Last year, I changed my job and took on the role of the Senior Project Manager at Mirim Consultant LLC, a business and innovation consulting company founded in 2013. Mirim provides market, business development research, consulting services, training, data management, and product development services to businesses, public and private organizations. My job is to implement the Results Based Monitoring by Parents project as part of the Energy Efficient Building Refurbishment in Mongolia Program. It is sponsored by GIZ, the German Corporation for International Cooperation. We are developing a parents’ guidebook and training modules on Results Based Monitoring to use in kindergartens and schools.

What do you expect from becoming a member of the BOOKBRIDGE family?

I enjoy it a lot to learn and share experiences and knowledge with others. While I have some expertise and experiences which I want to share, I am open to new things and want to gain further experience through the BOOKBRIDGE family.

I would like to establish networks with people around the world who share the same goals and dreams I have. I wonder if I will find these people in BOOKBRIDGE. I would like to share my experiences with the social entrepreneurs as well as the BOOKBRIDGE team.

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